Immersive, theatrical, a psychedelic fairytale for the modern age set in the surroundings of an enchanted forest.

HOUSE of LEAVES is a party like no other, combining live musicians with international DJ/Producer talent; all to the backdrop of an engaging, ever-evolving narrative – told by an interactive cast of performers, dancers and live action role-play. No two shows are the same.
Welcome, to A Carnival of the Mind.


Part performance art, part unparalleled party, House of Leaves offers late-night revelers what could be described as Cirque du Soleil on psychedelics, sprinkled with a little pixie dust. Whimsical characters such as The Duke, an exuberantly dressed master of ceremonies, and the mysterious Mirror Queens, roam freely on the dancefloor, interacting with guests, along with a troupe of masked creatures seemingly ripped from a storybook.
Every Saturday, 2am-Sunrise at S Bar located in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.


An unparalleled sensory delivery

Music & Art 96%

Music & Art 0%

Performance & Show 92%

Performance & Show 0%

Lights & Lasers 94%

Lights & Lasers 0%

Immersive Story-telling 88%

Immersive Story-telling 0%

Rules of the House

  • Come as you are
  • Have an open mind
  • Explore but don’t expect
  • Prepare to be shocked
  • Embrace the wonder
  • Be friendly
  • Dress to impress
  • No smoking in the HOUSE
  • No judgment in the HOUSE
  • Keep your shoes on in the HOUSE

“The room itself feels like it is a part of the performance, bringing jungle revelry indoors to Las Vegas, House of Leaves aims to reimagine the nightclub experience.”



There is a whole menagerie of creative creatures working behind the scenes to put on a show in THE HOUSE. Make sure you treat them with respect & do Not feed the animals!

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