our house is your house

Nightlife that unravels a mystery of magical characters that tell a story.

Creating an elevated nightlife experience is at the Heart of the HOUSE. With elements from both nightclubs and traditional shows, combined in an interactive environment where the action plays out around you culminates in an unrivaled and unmatched energy.


Use the space to absorb and roam, or stay at your table. Explore the grounds, get a private one-on-one performance in the Garden or join the energy of the dancefloor. The choice is yours.


It’s a new type of theatrical performance that happens in front of you. Interactive characters and live-action role play permeates the atmosphere of the HOUSE. Talk to the characters, follow the story and learn something new about yourself and the other guests.

inside the forest

Meet The Creatures of the night guiding you through the house.

From the mischievous Duke, to the magnificent Mirror Queens. The mesmerizing movements of “The Six” to the towering Treefolk in the Breezeway. A diverse cast of creatures make up the flavor of the HOUSE, and we invite you to meet and interact with them all during your experience.

The first HOUSE of LEAVES immersive nightlife experience roared into the heart of Las Vegas’ eclectic Arts District at the jaw-dropping Frank Gehry designed Keep Memory Alive Center. Avid dance fans may recognize the venue as having once hosted a live performance by the late Avicii, the unique room boasts concert-grade acoustics, accented by nearly 200 windows scaling the curved, bent walls of the auditorium.

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